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Month: September 2016

[Powershell] Corrupt Userprofiles – Quick fix via Powershell

Customer X had a long ongoing problem with userprofiles getting corrupted due to their antivirus solution holding the ntuser.dat file hostage. It took a while before we found the cause of this problem so we had to think of a quick fix to keep things running.
Another problem was that the locally stored corrupted profile was getting synced to the profile server, causing trouble for users on multiple workstations.

To save time and to give the sysadmins an easy way to clean these corrupted profiles, I automated the process with this (admittedly messy) script.

I’ve also added some workarounds that start the required services used in this script, because in some cases these are not enabled (WinRM, Remote Registry, etc.)

Note: The text in the popup is in Dutch.



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