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About Me

My name is Stefan van Bruggen, born and raised in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and I have been working in IT for about 9 or 10 years.

First of all, I pretty much thank my career in IT to my father RonaldĀ  (1959 – 2017).
Ever since me and my twin brother (Robin, also working in the same field) were able to hold a mouse and use a keyboard he taught us about the cool new technology coming out all the time, showing us how to build our own PC, introducing us to the wonders of the internet (dial-up!), etc.
His passion for technology fueled my own passion for IT, and became the foundation of my career.

My specialisation is Virtualization in the broadest sense, everything from App-V to XenDesktop triggers my interest, and because this is a quickly evolving field it never gets old!

The goal of this blog is to document solutions for the strange issues that I run into every now and then, provide some information about interesting new products and a career-update every now and then.

Contact Information

Stefan van Bruggen
E-mail: info<at>svanbruggen .nl

Stefan van Bruggen - 2019