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[Certifications] Nutanix Platform Professional

There we go! Nailed the NPP exam last friday.

The exam itself was pretty good, most questions were relevant to real life situations instead of the usual stuff like “Our product is the best, please mark the answer that says we are the best”.

The only downside is that the training for this exam is not nearly enough, you definitely need some experience working with Nutanix to be able to achieve a high enough score to get the certification.

Anyway, onwards to the next couple of certs: Windows Server 2016!

[Veeam] Repeatedly failing replica-jobs, fixed!

So, let’s take a break from all the Powershell creativity and take a look at everybody’s favourite thing in IT: Backups! Failed backups!

(The screenshots are unclear and censored to protect customer information)

The problem here is that Veeam’s replication jobs started failing, stating that an ‘Invalid Snapshot Configuration’ was the problem. Sounds easy, right?
Well, it turns out that this can cause a lot of work to get this fixed, so to save you some time I documented the solution for you.

First I tried consolidation the snapshots, but it greeted me with the following error:


A CID mismatch.. not on my watch! Let’s check this out and start an SSH connection to the ESX-host where these VMs are placed and run some checks:

So, for some reason the snapshots have registered themselves as the parent CID instead of the actual base disk:

We can fix this! Open the .vmdk-files using VIM and simply edit the parent CID to the CID of the base disk.

Now consolidate the snapshots again, restart your replica jobs, problem solved!

[Powershell] Corrupt Userprofiles – Quick fix via Powershell

Customer X had a long ongoing problem with userprofiles getting corrupted due to their antivirus solution holding the ntuser.dat file hostage. It took a while before we found the cause of this problem so we had to think of a quick fix to keep things running.
Another problem was that the locally stored corrupted profile was getting synced to the profile server, causing trouble for users on multiple workstations.

To save time and to give the sysadmins an easy way to clean these corrupted profiles, I automated the process with this (admittedly messy) script.

I’ve also added some workarounds that start the required services used in this script, because in some cases these are not enabled (WinRM, Remote Registry, etc.)

Note: The text in the popup is in Dutch.



[WSUS] Cleaning up superseded updates

Sadly, the WSUS cleanup wizard neglects to clean up updates that were approved in the past but have been superseded since.

Because these updates tend to use a lot of diskspace, I use a short Powershell script that checks all updates for superseded updates and declines them. After this, the WSUS cleanup wizard can be run again to clear up diskspace.

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